Zen Diffuser & Battery Base

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Introducing the Battery Base and Zen Diffuser Bundle – a fusion of portable convenience and serene sophistication.

Refresh Battery Base: Bid adieu to the constraints of cords and embrace the freedom of our Refresh Battery Base. Weighing just 14.5oz, this compact powerhouse boasts a formidable 16,000 mAh/24v/59.2Wh battery, delivering up to 6 hours of uninterrupted aromatherapy bliss. Its 5.5mm 24v barrel connector output port ensures seamless compatibility with various diffusers, including our Zen Diffuser.

No longer tethered, you can roam freely, taking your Zen experience wherever your heart desires. Remember to charge it fully before storage to preserve its enduring performance, ensuring you have the freedom to create a tranquil ambiance at a moment's notice.

Zen Diffuser: Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of Zen, our exquisitely crafted teak wood oil diffuser. With its graceful teardrop design, it gently disperses aromas, transforming your space into an inviting sanctuary of serenity. Enjoy the soothing and peaceful ambiance that Zen brings to your surroundings.

This bundle marries the versatility of our Battery Base with the serene elegance of the Zen Diffuser. It grants you the liberty to savor the benefits of aromatherapy without the constraints of cords while elevating your ambiance with the tranquil beauty of Zen. Unplug from the chaos of daily life and reconnect with your inner calm in the comfort of your surroundings.