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Diffuser Battery Base

Make your diffuser portable with the #1 Diffuser Accessory.
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Will the Diffuser Battery Base work with my diffuser?

Most likely, yes. The Battery will work with diffusers that use a 5.5mm barrel connector with a required input of 24V and 0.5A-0.65A . You can double check your diffuser compatibility by identifying the output on the wall plug for your diffuser (Tiny writing on the wall plug that says "Output").

We have compiled a list of several diffusers we have tested and have confirmed to work with the Kinitó Battery Base. We also have some diffusers in our store that work great with the battery base. 

See list of several compatible Diffusers

What are the specifications for the Battery Base?

  • Battery Life - 6 Hours (Varies between diffusers)
  • Size - 6.25in x 6.25in x 1.1875in
  • Weight - 14.5oz
  • Battery - 16,000 mAh / 24v / 59.2Wh
  • Output Port - 5.5mm 24v barrel connector
  • Input Port - 3.5mm barrel connector

Is the Diffuser Battery Base Rechargeable?

Yes! It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the Battery Base. Due to the power requirements, we recommend you only use the charging cable provided with your Battery Base to charge. You are able to charge the Base while running your diffuser, however, it will take longer to charge than normal.