Twilight Diffuser & Battery Base

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Discover the enchantment of our Battery Base and Twilight Diffuser Bundle! This dynamic duo brings together the freedom of cordless aromatherapy and the mesmerizing allure of LED-lit tranquility.

Refresh Battery Base: Say goodbye to the tethering limitations of cords and embrace the convenience of our Refresh Battery Base. Weighing a mere 14.5oz, it boasts a robust 16,000 mAh/24v/59.2Wh battery, providing up to 6 hours of uninterrupted aromatic bliss. The 5.5mm 24v barrel connector output port ensures seamless compatibility with various diffusers, including our Twilight Diffuser.

No longer confined by wires, you're now empowered by mobility. Remember to charge it fully before storage to ensure its enduring performance, and prepare to embark on an aromatherapy journey without constraints.

Twilight Diffuser: Step into the magical world of Twilight with our Ultrasonic Aroma Oil Diffuser featuring captivating LED lighting. As you inhale the sweet scents it disperses, you'll be transported to a comforting oasis, perfect for unwinding. Watch as the LEDs dance to the rhythm of your life, inspiring moments of serenity and creativity.

Let the Twilight Diffuser infuse your space with tranquility and illuminate your senses. With its blend of aromatherapy and mesmerizing lighting, every day can feel like a captivating journey.

This bundle unites the versatility of our Battery Base with the captivating charm of the Twilight Diffuser. It grants you the freedom to enjoy aromatherapy without cords while immersing yourself in the enchanting world of LED-lit relaxation. Allow your imagination to soar as you savor fragrant scents and liberate your senses from the everyday hustle and bustle.