Myst Diffuser & Battery Base

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Unlock a world of aromatic bliss and freedom with our Myst Diffuser and Refresh Battery Base Bundle! Immerse yourself in the joy of aromatherapy, unfettered by cords or limitations.

Myst Diffuser: Elevate your ambiance with the Myst Diffuser, a stylish ultrasonic marvel that fills your home with your cherished scents. Let it work its magic, transforming your space into a haven of tranquility and serenity. Breathe in the calming embrace of essential oils, as Myst weaves a tapestry of peace around you.

Refresh Battery Base: Meet the Refresh Battery Base, your partner in liberation. Weighing a mere 14.5oz, yet equipped with a robust 16,000 mAh/24v/59.2Wh battery, it offers up to 6 hours of uninterrupted aromatherapy. The 5.5mm 24v barrel connector output port ensures compatibility with a variety of diffusers.

Now, say goodbye to the constraints of cords and hello to the freedom to diffuse wherever your heart desires. And remember, charge it fully before storing to ensure it stays with you on this aromatic journey for the long haul.

This bundle is your ticket to aromatic adventures, your passport to relaxation without boundaries. Embrace the beauty of the Myst Diffuser and the practicality of the Refresh Battery Base – a dynamic duo designed to elevate your wellness experience. Enjoy the freedom to diffuse anywhere, anytime, and make every moment scented with joy!