FAQ – Kinito

FAQ/Trouble shooting 

How can I be an affiliate?

We are so excited about the Refresh and that you want to share it with the world. We have a small team and don't have the resources to manage a large affiliate program right now. For the presale, our affiliate program is invite-only. We will be implementing a larger affiliate program in the future. Thanks again for your enthusiasm.

When will it be available in my country?

Well the simple answer is - soon! First we are working on getting fulfillment centers in Canada and Mexico since the product will work with their electric grid and they are close. Simultaneously we adapting the electrons to work on other power grids. Then comes the all the regulatory hoop jumping. Follow us on Instagram and we will announce availability of new countries there.

Is the Refresh rechargeable? 

Yes! It takes about 5 hours for a full charge. It uses a wall plug similar to a diffuser. It slows the charging a bit but the Refresh will charge the battery while the diffuser is running!

How long does a charge last? 

The Refresh battery will run a diffuser continuously for 3.5 hours.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. 1 year warranty against manufacture defects. 

Does it work with my diffuser?

Most likely. The refresh works with diffusers that use 5.5mm barrel connector with an output at 24v at 0.5A to 0.65A will work (This is most of the diffusers). You can find the output data on the wall plug for your diffuser (How to find diffuser output). We have complied a list of diffuser we have tested and some we think will work with the Refresh. Diffuser compatibility list. 

Can this be used in the shower?

No! The Refresh is not water proof. We know water and oil is going to be spilled on the refresh. That is why we cupped the top to catch water and keep it out of the sensitive electronic bits.