Kinito - Refresh Diffuser Battery

The #1 Accessory for Your Diffuser

The #1 Accessory for Your Diffuser

Meet the Worlds First Diffuser Battery Base – Free Your Diffuser

Meet the Worlds First Diffuser Battery Base – Free Your Diffuser

Can’t put your diffuser where you want it? Now you can with the Kinito battery base!

Bring the power of essential oils to any space. The base provides 4 hours of mobile battery power to your diffuser.

  • Yoga studio

  • On the patio table 

  • Center piece for dinner party

  • Meditation studio

  • In the in Bathroom

  • Kitchen Table 

  • Diffuser Compatibility
  • About Kinito 

The refresh works with diffusers that use 5.5mm barrel connector with an output at 24v at 0.5A to 0.65A will work (This is most of the diffusers). You can find the output data on the wall plug for your diffuser (How to find diffuser output).  We have complied a list of diffuser we have tested and some we think will work with the Refresh. Diffuser compatibility list.

Six years ago, I had the privilege of working with a group of strong, inspiring, entrepreneurial women. They had built a movement to empower others, and that had a lasting impact on me. Their example encouraged me to found Kinitó to create new products that I hope can become tools to help spread that inspiration. Kinitó means "movement" in Greek, and our purpose is to create products that will move, inspire, and empower others.

- Stelios Xanthos. Founder

Refresh - Diffuser Battery


Size - 6.25in x 6.25in x 1.1875in 
Weight - 14.5oz
Battery - 16,000 mAh / 24v / 59.2Wh
Output Port - 5.5mm 24v barrel connector
Input Port - 3.5mm barrel connector
Re-Charge Time - 6 hours
Battery Life - 4 Hours (Varies between diffusers)

Box contents

1 Diffuser battery 
1 Wall plug
(Diffuser not included. compatible diffusers)


Now shipping. (US and Canada)